+ Leadership

Leadership among business resources may be distributed: (1) leadership of individual contributors, (2) leadership of teams, (3) leadership of departments, and (4) leadership of organizations.

+ Value

Define your value offerings to internal and external customers. Without value delivery through the 2nd business law, there will be zero revenue generation and minimal execution against the mission of the organization.

+ Integrity

Integrity thrives within organizations with high ethical standards, thrives within high-quality products, goods, and services, and elevates organizations to build and maintain trust among all stakeholders.

+ Collaboration

The central point of strategic business initiatives is collaboration. The direct failure to execute against the mission is due to ineffective collaboration.

+ Strategy

More than planning, strategy is the execution against plans to generate favorable outcomes.

+ Innovation

There are two words that drive innovation - What if? Rethink your thinking and innovate processes, procedures, products, and services. The innovative element must be both new and useful.

+ Quality

Quality as a Service is the essence of quality management and quality improvement. Quality must be embedded into every element of an organization.

The Three Business Laws

The 73 Framework: Maximize Competitive Advantages for Your Organization.

Business Law I
1. Create products, processes, and solutions that are new and useful.
Business Law II
2. Sell more solutions by engaging new and existing customers.
Business Law III
3. Leverage business intelligence to measure what matters, adjust, reset, and create value.

73 Framework

Apply the 73 Framework to your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

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